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Curtain Wall Alu.Panels

Single Aluminum Panel is made of high quality aluminum sheet as base material, after pretreatment,coating with base paint and color paint, surface using fluorocarbon coating. It has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, resistant to acid rain, salt spray and variety of air pollutions,can withstand intense UV irradiation.
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  • Curtain Wall Alu.Panel base plate using high-quality high-strength aluminum plate (3003H24 ), the thickness can be  2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm or other specifications as requirements. Its structure consists of Alu.panels,reinforcing ribs,hangers etc. The maximum size up to 4000mm × 1500mm × 2000mm (L × W × H)

    Product Structure:

    Product Features:

    1. Custom made of any size, any shape, any difficulty, double curved, spherical surface, etc.
    2. light weight, good rigidity, high strength, weather resistance and corrosion resistance
    3. Unique and beautiful, and create three-dimensional modeling
    4.Smooth appearance, easy to maintain
    5. For outdoor use, warranty for 20 years
    6. Fast and convenient onstruction
    7. Recyclable,environmentally friendly
    8. Excellent weathering, insulation, ventilation and fire performance

    Processing Performance:

    1. According to customer needs, provide a variety of curved, spherical, multi-turning, punching, and other styling products.
    2. Available in different forms, with different pore sizes, different opening ratio of punching aluminum panel.
    3. Presents the ever-changing patterns and ideas, not only to improve the building's appearance, but also on the need for other features you want to achieve, such as noise, acoustic.

    Color Series:

    Nouvel's superb painting process, in addition to color, metallic color by PVDF, there are imitation wood series, not only can nourish a sense of wood grain, qualities in weather resistance, anti-aging, etc., it is forever beyond the reach of wood material ; Imitation stone series, the same can easily achieve all the performance of the stone, while avoiding the weakness of their own, such as poor ductility, heavy weight, environment pollution, harmful radiation,monotonous modeling etc., Single aluminum curtain wall can adapt to a more complex appearance of the building , these are the stone can not be qualified.

    Paint Suppliers:


    1. Building Lobby
    2. Terminal / Car Building
    3. Exhibition Center
    4. Stadiums
    5. Office Building
    6. Exhibition Centre
    7. Museum

  • Aluminum curtain wall single panel, in accordance with the correct installation method, the thickness of 3.0mm, the other corresponding technical performance indicators as follows:

          1. Wind pressure performance indicators: Ⅲ-Ⅴ grade, can withstand loads more than 3000PA .

          2. Anti-air permeation performance indicators: grade Ⅳ, α0 = 0.05m3 / mh, that is, under the pressure of 100Pa,the air leakage ≤0.05m3 / mh

          3. Anti-water leakage performance indicators: Ⅴ grade, P = 2500Pa, leaking dangerous it as a watertight pressure of 2 times / 10 years in Area A has a value of 2500Pa.

          4. Insulation performance: Ⅳ level, K = 0.7W / mk, that is after aluminum curtain wall, install with rock wool  and other materials which transfer heat of 0.7W / mk.

          5. Impact Performance indicators: grade Ⅳ, Pc = 21kg.m / s , can withstand hail 2cm in diameter and similar aerial foreign body Pc = 21kg.m / s impact without causing surface deformation.

          6. Noise performance indicators: Ⅴ class, Rw = 25-30db, the effective amount of noise between 25-30db.

          7. Fire performance: BSI British fire test pass (BS476)

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